What is a MUGA?

If you work in education, chances are you’ve heard the term “MUGA” being thrown around. MUGA stands for Multi Use Games Area. They’re made from artificial grass surfacing and incorporate the different turf types and pitch markings needed to accommodate a number of sports, right there in one place.

The proposed playing surface, measuring 60m x 30m, is perfectly suited for small team games and training sessions that can benefit not only the school’s pupils but also the wider community through recognised youth sports teams. Additionally, the installation of floodlights will extend the facility’s availability, welcoming children from the broader area for sports coaching after school hours and supporting local youth sports teams.

A MUGA can be designed for pretty much any sport you can think of:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Rounders

Why would a school need a MUGA?
MUGAs are designed to help schools make the most of limited space and budgets. The idea is that, instead of having multiple pitches, costing more money and requiring more time for installation, schools can enjoy different sports using just one surface.

What is a MUGA Surface?
A Multi-Use Games Area, or MUGA as it is more commonly known, offers a versatile outdoor space which is suitable for numerous sports.

These facilities are typically best suited to organisations that have a number of people wishing to train or play together at the same time – examples of these include schools, district councils/local authorities and sports clubs.

A MUGA is built in a way which allows them to be used for multiple sports, without causing too much damage to the surface when different events are taking place at the same time.

The act of installing synthetic MUGA surfaces has become increasingly popular in recent years due to their range of benefits. They provide a consistent playing surface that allows for safe training and match play of a wide variety of sports and games.

Support Mill Strand & Win Big!

We really appreciate your help to raise funds for a Multi Purpose Games Area at the new Ballywillan Road site to support youth development through sport both within the school & the supporting the wider community.

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